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Data Talks with Ashutosh Nandeshwar

Oct 24, 2017

Mark Peterson, ex-Division Chief, Data and Analytics at US Global Development Lab, USAID, founded a team to create new ways to generate, share, and analyze data to more effectively meet the challenges of poverty, hunger, and disease. He brings amazing knowledge and experience of research as a scientist and a practitioner. Currently, he is researching ways to further development at Orange Silicon Valley.

In this talk, he shares:

  • How cell phone data can provide clues about the spread of diseases
  • How private support, not only in dollars, but also in data, can help us solve some big problems
  • How information asymmetry can create inequity
  • How geo data can help the world food programs as well as fight credit card fraud.

These were some great insights into the partnerships of for-profit companies and international development. Great conversation for idea generation too!